Thursday, July 14, 2016

Permitted burns in the Ravensbourne area - pm Thursday 14 July

There will be two permitted burns this afternoon in fairly close proximity in the Ravensbourne area.  They will be between the Esk Hampton Road and the escarpment, north of the intersection of Seventeen Mile Road / National Park Road with the Esk Hampton Road.  Both are burning heaps of timber.

For QPWS: one of these burns is close to Ravensbourne National Park / Ravensbourne Nature Refuge.  Rain is expected in the area.

For Smokespotters: No need to report smoke from this vicinity.  If you have reason to believe that smoke seen in this general area is not from these permitted burns, please contact one of the Smokespotter Coordinators.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Controlled pm Wed 29 June and Thurs 30 June - Palm Tree / Buaraba area

Private Forestry Service Queensland will be carrying out controlled burns on Ergon properties south of the intersection of Palm Tree Road with Seventeen Mile Road this afternoon (Wed 29 June) and tomorrow 30 June.

Given the general dampness of the area the fires may be quite smoky.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Permitted burn in the Ravensbourne area 31 May and possibly 1 June

There will be a permitted burn lighting up this afternoon after 2.00pm and possibly again tomorrow 1 June.

The material is small heaps of timber so unlikely to be much smoke.

Smokespotters:  no need to report smoke in this area unless you are uncertain that it is coming from this permitted burn.

Thanks to Fire Wardens for your cooperation, and to permit holders for calling to advise when lighting up.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Smoke to the north of Gatton - to the NE of the Lockyer National Park

The last information I have - about 12.40pm today - Wed 25 May - is that this smoke is coming from private property to the north of the Lockyer National Park - north and northeast of the area burned at the weekend - and is most likely burning off being done by the landowner.  You will be able to see where the northern edge of the fire was on the map I circulated a day or so ago - that edge was still burning but was in the control of the landowner.

The wind is moving sometimes dense smoke from this fire into areas up to 10km and more from the fire.

A QPWS crew checked the edge of the earlier fire in the National Park this morning and confirmed that it had not spread from where it was when they contained it a couple of days ago. They are currently on-site mopping up in the burnt area.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fire in the NE of the Lockyer National Park contained

I was advised late yesterday evening that the fire in the NE of the Lockyer National Park has been contained.  It will continue to be monitored by QPWS.

QPWS also provided the map below showing the approximate area burned.  They point out that at this stage the map is indicative only and that ground truthing and further investigation are required.

The area to the south of the track (orange line) on the southern boundary of the burned area was burned not too long ago in a QPWS controlled burn.

It must have been an incredibly difficult task to contain this fire given the topography, the periods of gusty winds, and the dryness of the vegetation and soils (we have had only 7mm of rain since late March and I assume that it would not have been much different there). 

On behalf of the communities in and around the Hills we extend our sincere thanks to the fire crews from QPWS and the Gatton-Springdale, Grantham and Woodlea Rural Fire Brigades.

We are also grateful to QPWS for their regular updating of the community through the Smokespotter group on the changing situation.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Update on the fire in the NE of the Lockyer National Park

Here’s an update received at 8.00am this morning Monday 23 May:

As of 2100 hrs last night the fire was contained. We organised for a dozed track to the north linking Yellow Gully to the base of a steep pinch to the SE of Apple Tree Flat.

Rural Fire Service and QPWS crews worked together to construct a hand chipped line down from the top to link with the dozed track. We back burned from that in fairly challenging conditions but this will prevent the fire from travelling west.

The northern edge should hold on Yellow Gully and QPWS crews are out there again this morning following the fire on the southern edge as it burns down to the containment line within the Park.

An incredible effort under the circumstances.

Again this morning, it is totally calm here, 8km south of the fire site, and has been so pretty much all night.

Will update again when I get more information later today.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Advice of a permitted burn on the Esk-Hampton Road

A permitted burn will be lit up around 3pm today (Sunday 22 May 2016) on the Esk Hampton Road west of Beutel’s Lookout in the Ravensbourne area and is expected to burn for 3-4 hours.

Smokespotters: no need to call in smoke in this area unless you have some doubt that it is from this fire.

Our thanks to the Fire Warden and to the property owner for keeping the community informed.